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About Us

Leslie Rosenberg, Co-publisher/Editor-in-chief
Leslie has ten years experience as a journalist and financial marketing writer, working with such companies as AIG, Prudential Securities, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and Chase Manhattan Bank. As a freelance journalist, Leslie has written for Cosmopolitan, Success, Internet World, and, among others. A longtime fan of vintage clothing and classic films, Leslie's passion for retro culture flourished when she took up swing dancing in the late 1990s. She now regularly metamorphisizes from a Rita Hayworth wannabe to "That Girl," depending on the era she's feeling that day.

Contributing Writers
Dr. Stephen Ambrose
Joya Balfour
Danielle Bernato
Big Rude Jake
Andrew P. Bradbury
James J. Bradley
Kevin Brown
Emily Gordon
A.Jacob Hiebert
Paul Kiernan
Chad Kincaid
Michael Kroll
Sarah "Dixie" Feldman
Frankie Hagan
David LeBlanc
Lesley Martin
Robert Louis Medina
Gary A. Miller
Heidi W. Moore
Christian Puffer

Will "the Thrill" Viharo

Contributing photographers
Karen Beard, LA
Todd Burris, NYC
Chris Chavira, NYC
Michael Cogliantry, NYC
Richard Corman, NYC
Richie Fahey, NYC
Rodolphe Fouché, NYC
Charles Harris
Marc Hauser
Benjamin Heller, NYC
Iraida Icaza, NYC
Hugh Kretschmer
Blake Little
Charles Maraia
Dwight Marshall, NYC
Debra McClinton
Doug Menuez
Bill Phelps
David Rinella, NYC
James Salzano
Tara Sgroi
Brent Stirton, London
David Stewart
Pete Stone
Cleo Sullivan
Katherine Tessier, LA
Paul Tryba, LA
Danny Turner
Brian Velenchenko, NYC
Stephen Austin Welch
Dan Winters, LA

Contributing illustrators
A.J. Garces
Ramon Gil

Shane Krieger, Australia
Edd Patton
William Ranwell, South Africa
Jane Sanders
Bruce Sereta

Kim Field, NYC
Chad Kincaid, NYC

Nate' Bova, NYC
Bruce Dean, NYC
Jeff Gautier
Timothy Johnson, NYC

Leslie Rosenberg
Photo by Todd Burris


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