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ATOMIC Magazine is The Essential Guide to the Retro Revival. We report on the influence of mid-20th century style on modern trends in fashion, filmmaking, music and design. We have just one mission: to bring back the best of a bygone era—the music, the clothing, and the lifestyle—and remind our readers what it means to have fun!

Each issue of ATOMIC features hot new bands, film and music legends, as well as entertaining and informative articles on vintage-inspired fashions and design, retro-themed venues, personalities, and tips on living in the neo-retro age.

A one-year subscription in the US is only $16—you'll get four action-packed issues at a 10% savings off the newsstand price! Foreign subscriptions are available as well.

We live in an age where people meet strangers in online chat rooms for company, where clothing has become homogeneous and androgenous, and where boys and girls try consciously to avoid each other on the dance floor as they bump and grind to a droning techno beat. But there is a movement afoot: from New York to Los Angeles, a whole generation is rediscovering what it means to have style. Young men in zoot suits are asking ladies in Forties frocks to swingout on the dance floor. Friends are gathering in lounges and speakeasies for good conversation and a smooth martini. And retrophiles of all ages are rediscovering the beauty and style of hotrod cars, mid-20th century design and architecture, classic films, and other facets of American popular culture.

The time is right for a magazine that not only documents this movement, but acts as a proponent of retro-culture—a magazine that covers the rebirth of elegance, etiquette, and excellent music. It’s ATOMIC, baby!


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