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Online Auction Sites
The online auction arena has undergone a transition over the past two years much like that of most e-commerce sites: a huge push, an explosion, and finally a recession. In 1999, it seemed as though every other online store had a bid-to-win component, while today the handful of worthwhile sites still pale in comparison to the eBay phenomenon. That said, the Web remains a retro hunter's paradise, and the following auction sites provide the best of the best in vintage, antiques and collectibles. Joya Balfour gives you a tour of the latest and greatest of the online bidding world.

Guide To B-Movie Sites
Originally, the oft-used and maligned term "B movie" referred to the bottom half of an average double bill back in the '30s and '40s. The "A" title was a slicked-up Hollywood product with big name stars, while the soggy side of this cinematic sandwich, filled with cartoons, newsreels and previews, was usually some tossed-off project with a budget culled from a hobo's pocket and a concept leaked from a wino's imagination. Interestingly enough, it was these barely-advertised bottom-fillers that gave us many now-classic film noirs, such as Detour and T Men, cult film series like the beloved Bowery Boys, and later provided us with endless hours of timeless entertainment on late night television. Join Will the Thrill Viharo for a cyber*tour of B-Movies.

Back To The 20th Century
Now that the 20th Century is officially closed, we can take a tour of modern history on the big bus called the Internet. The Net was possible the greatest invention of the last century, and yet finding quality history sites proves a little more difficult than one might imagine. Perhaps a modern history Website is not what the average venture capitalist has in mind. As a result, it seems the only people concerned with bringing history to the World Wide Web are university students working for a grade or television broadcasters looking to make a buck. Still, there are some good cyberspots for expanding your knowledge of the last century and brushing up on 20th Century trivia—Follow Joe Wood as he points out where you may want to look.

Crooner Fan Sites
If there's one thing a retro junkie wishes for, it's to be able to take a trip back in time to see any of the original crooners in concert in their heyday. But alas, we haven't mastered the art of time travel yet. So instead, Frank Dellario will guide you to some really cool crooner Web sites so you can disappear into another era.

It's Tiki Time
It seems that whatever fads baby boomer parents have chucked aside, their Gen X offspring grab and absorb with vigor, attempting to gain access to a wonderfully pop world viewed only through old postcards and album covers. But thanks to new technologies, elements of that forgotten world can be recreated right in your own home. Surf the Internet with Frank Dellario and enter a land of monolithic tiki gods, exotic music filled with wild bird calls, and sarong-clad maidens serving powerful potions.

Vintage Girls
What is there to say about pin-up art? Sure, you can discuss its historical significance, or recount anecdotes about famous artists and models from the pin-up's heyday in the 1940s and '50s. But that's all secondary to enjoying a pin-up, an act that is wholly visual. Elva Ramirez leads us through some of the most popular Virtual Pin-up galleries on the Internet.

Tune Into The Net

Vintage Shopping on the Net

Learn Lindy on the Net

The Best Swing sites on the Internet


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